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August 29, 2015

CT - Katy's Cone by Drea's Designs

Forum Set Show Off & Snags using "Katy's Cone" by Drea's Designs.
This bright, colorful, and fun kit is a match to Ismael Rac's tube, Katy's Cone!
I found this kit so much fun and I'm sure you will too!
You can find "Katy's Cone" for purchase
 with the tube here and without the tube here!!

The art used in this forum set is Katy's Cone by Ismael Rac. 
You can find it for sale here.
Now for your snags!
These tags feature the art of Robert Alvarado.
You can find all of his tubes for sale here.
Please click on the tags to get the full sized version
with clear and correct copyright information.

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