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February 14, 2014

CT - 'Vintage Clockwork' by PinkParadox Productions

CT Tag show off and snags using "Vintage Clockwork" by PinkParadox Productions.

This kit is filled with a combination of vintage pieces and steampunk elements. It's a great kit for a broad range of tags but a 'must-have' for those lovers of all things steampunk. Don't miss out on this great kit and all the creative possibilities that are contained within. 

You can find "Vintage Clockwork" for sale here.

First, is a forum set show off!
This was made using the awesome art of Jose Cano!
You can find all of his tubes for sale here!

Now for the snags! These were created using a tube by Trinita, called "Woman of Fashion."
You can find it for sale at PFD.

Please click on the tags to get the full size version of the tag with clear and correct copyright information!


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